Power up your PC gaming with 'amazing and vivid' Samsung monitors — save up to $130 at Amazon

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Samsung monitors
Level up your battle station with one of these gorgeous displays. (Photo: Samsung)

Is 2022 the year you take your PC gaming setup to the next level? We have to tell you that It's a good time for it since Amazon has several high-performance Samsung monitors on sale this week. Some of the models are a whopping 40 percent ($130!) off. The first time you play Halo Infinite or Deathloop you’ll be happy you upgraded to a monitor that shows off their amazing graphics and provides an immersive experience. 

All of these monitors ship for free, but if you want to get them before the new year, you'll want to sign up for Amazon Prime. For only $13 a month, or $119 a year, you get free two-day shipping and access to lots of great streaming content (to watch on your new monitor, maybe?). And you get a free 30-day trial when you join!

Get $130 off the spacious Odyssey G5 monitor

SAMSUNG 32” Odyssey G5 Gaming Monitor
Space is the place with this Odyssey gaming monitor. (Photo: Samsung)

For when you want something pretty basic without too many frills, Samsung’s Odyssey G3 Series 27-inch monitor is pretty great to have around. It’s a solid 1080p monitor with a blazing fast refresh rate, so games will never look sluggish or blurry. Plus, the border is super-thin, so you’ll feel more immersed in your latest adventure. Normally this is a $330 monitor but right now it’s almost 40 percent off, coming in at a super affordable $200.

Shoppers are pretty keen on it, with one user saying that "for my tasks, which is mostly gaming, office work, and lots of video watching, this monitor is perfect. Easy recommendation for me." In fact, most users agreed that it's great for work and play, with another customer commenting, "The extra screen landscape makes a huge difference in productivity. I can view two windows pretty comfortably, and get more work done. The 144Hz and 1ms refresh rate is A MUST for anyone looking to upgrade from their old monitor. Whether it is for gaming, content creation, office work, or even studying, this is definitely a monitor worth considering." 

$200 $330 at Amazon

The curved CR65 is on sale for $180 right now

This monitor's got curves, and knows how to use them. (Photo: Samsung)

If you really care about immersion with your games, you might like a curved monitor that surrounds you with the screen and ensures that all parts of it are equidistant from you. Samsung’s new CR65 curved monitor is a good choice for your first experience with one, as its smaller 24-inch size helps it fit on most desks. It still offers a blazing fast refresh rate, while also offering a special eye saver mode that will reduce blue light exposure. A monitor that reduces eye strain and helps you get better sleep? Yes, please! This model is a real bargain too, thanks to its 36 percent discount, bringing the price down to $180.

$180 $280 at Amazon

Samsung's beautiful UJ59 UHD display is discounted by $110

SAMSUNG 32 inch UJ59 4k monitor (LU32J590UQNXZA)
Give your eyes a real treat with this bright, clear monitor. (Photo: Samsung)

When you need a monitor that’s good for both work and play, the UJ59 has a nice 4K screen that can be connected to multiple devices, like a laptop, desktop or even your favorite gaming console. Gamers will love its FreeSync feature that keeps their favorite games smooth and lag-free. This monitor's slim profile and picture-in-picture capabilities make it a good choice for people who use a multi-monitor setup. The $290 price tag (down from $400) makes it a real steal no matter if you intend to work or play.

In fact, it's such a steal that one shopper bought three "to complete my four monitor set-up. I use them for PC, PS4 and other HDMI video game consoles (ea. Monitor has x2 HDMI & x1 standard Display Port inputs)." But it's great for more than just games, as this user attests: "I use this every day for work. I spend a lot of time with code, data sets, and visualizations of the data. This screen helps me see crystal clear text, or fit lots of applications on the screen at once. 4K is well worth it if you're looking at tons of numbers all day long."

$290 $400 at Amazon

Save 25 percent on the excellent S70A UHD monitor

SAMSUNG 32 Inch 4K UHD Monitor, Computer Monitor, Wide Monitor
The colors, the colors! (Photo: Samsung)

If you need a new 4K monitor and don’t want to spend too much on it, then Samsung’s S70A is probably your best option. We’re talking HDR for better colors and clarity and a thin border so you’re not distracted by annoying bezels along the edge. And when we say colors, we mean one billion colors — more than you’ll get with most monitors on the market. This screen also features Eye Saver mode so you can reduce wear and tear on your beautiful peepers and sleep better after a long day at the keyboard. This $400 monitor is being offered at a generous 25 percent discount, so you’ll save a whopping $100 on it — it’s only $300 right now.

This monitor has quite a few customers falling in love with 4K, with this shopper calling it "amazing and vivid." They add, "The monitor supports HDR, so you can get a more dynamic color range displayed on it. The display has a very small bezel, so you can focus on the screen more. [...] You can even connect one computer by DisplayPort, and another by HDMI, and then set the screen to show both computer displays on the monitor at once!" 

$300 $400 at Amazon

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