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Having spent more than an entire year living with the challenges posed by a global pandemic, our mental health is now fielding the repercussions. If you are feeling depressed, anxious or a range of complex emotions, you are not alone: The number of adults who reported symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder in the U.S. rose from 36.4% in August 2020 to over 41.5% in February 2021, compared to only 11% of U.S. adults reporting anxiety or depressive disorder in the U.S. in 2019.

Even as vaccinations have become more accessible and as some restrictions have eased, our collective mental health is facing unprecedented challenges. “The biggest thing people are experiencing is a wave of mental health struggles,” says Celeste Viciere, a mental health advocate and licensed mental health clinician. “As some normalcy happens, I think that a lot of people are recognizing that our mental health has been extremely affected.”

How do we manage the overwhelming feelings, complicated circumstances and pandemic fatigue? While resources exist, sifting through to find the help we need can feel exhausting. 

In an effort to help people get through these uniquely trying times, the Ad Council has partnered with the CDC and the CDC Foundation to create Coping-19, an extensive online resource with curated information to help individuals from diverse backgrounds and circumstances navigate the ongoing stress brought about by the last year. There is certainly no one-size-fits-all solution to mental health, but sometimes the hardest part of a journey is taking the first step. Small positive actions can help you manage feelings of being overwhelmed and might even help you take a positive step on your path to mental wellness.

In support of the Coping-19 initiative, below is an interactive questionnaire to help you unravel the complex and overwhelming emotions that you might be feeling at this moment.

For informational purposes only. Not intended as a substitute for medical or health advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

About Coping-19:

If the realities of COVID-19 have overwhelmed us emotionally, we’ll need something equally as impactful to help us cope. Coping-19 is a robust collection of resources compiled by the Ad Council in partnership with the CDC and CDC Foundation to help support individuals as they tackle their complex challenges during this unique era. For more information, please visit Coping-19.